Client Testimonials

Client Comment November 2017

All of the personnel I have worked with at Sinclair, through several separate studies have been very professional, responsive, accommodating and personable. The quality of the products I have received has been outstanding.

Medical Device


Client Comment April 2016

Thank you again to your fantastic team, led by Tim. This was a huge study and we could not be happier with the functional readouts we have achieved thus far!

Biotech Company


Device Client March 2016

I just wanted to let you know we heard late last night that we have received approval from the FDA! This is a huge milestone for us and would not of been possible without your dedication help and expert knowledge.  I have no doubt that only for you all this would not of happened!! Thanks and I look forward to working with you all in the future

Major Medical Device Company


Device Client October 2015

I would personally like to thank you and the entire team at Sinclair who worked on these studies for us. I am very impressed with how the studies were handled and how you provided updates on how things were progressing. I am also looking forward to our continued collaboration.

Medical Device Company

Device Client June 2015

Thank you. As I have mentioned before I am very impressed with every aspect of our business with Sinclair – you are always on schedule or ahead of schedule and I find that very refreshing in today’s business climate.

CEO, Medical Device Company

Device Client 2015

Thank you very much for this news and the update. I really appreciate you being proactive- it is a pleasure doing business with you and Sinclair.

CEO, Medical Device Company

 Client Comments Dec 2014

I wanted to thank you and the Sinclair team for all you have done for me and my team this year.  You are amazing at what you do.  The way it’s done is also very much appreciated.  Please pass my sincere appreciation to the rest of your team.  Looking forward to working together through 2015’s greatest challenges!

Director of Research and Development

Pharmacology Client Jun 2014

Please feel free to mention my name in regard to working with Sinclair.  You can add that I think your facility, staff and scientific capabilities are top notch – great communication, attention to detail, and just overall a pleasure to work with.

VP, Pharmacology

Wound Healing Client Jun 2014

Very much like our French restaurants, I would like to grade your facility with a *** 3 stars. I have been very impressed by the rigorous maintenance of the facility and the professionalism of all the employees I met. But this is not enough to do a good job. The real proof your employees are doing a good job is in the behavior of the animals you take care of.  I have seen ‘happy’ dogs and cats. They come and play with you as you enter the building, they are not retracting in a corner of the cage. But this would not be enough to attain success. I think the people working with you like their job and environment. I was guided around the facility by two charming ladies from your Business Development Team. Obviously, they were proud to show me around and were very informative in a very short time. Let me send a special thank you to your Research Team who did a great job with the three pigs. Very clean, very meticulous, very professional, but also friendly. Your overview of the Sinclair business and history was very important to understand the business philosophy. In short, we will return. Thank you for all the excellent work you have done for us! I’m sure we will have the opportunity to work together again. We all think very highly of you and your team.

Satisfied Client, Director Toxicology Research, Biopharmaceutical Company

Client Comments Apr 2014

Thank you for all the excellent work you have done for us! I’m sure we will have the opportunity to work together again. We all think very highly of you and your team.  Your staff has been a pleasure to work with and has always produced quality results for us and has went out of their way to help others in our group with strange queries and projects. I too look forward to projects in the future that will give us the opportunity to work together again.

Director Toxicology, Mid-Size Pharma

Client Comments Jun 2013

Sinclair is an amazing company and I am glad for our partnership!

Director R&D

Client Comments Mar 2013

Our GLP studies at Sinclair went very smoothly, with the hard work and dedication of the Study Directors and all the people involved in the study. I got timely updates of all issues, and reports were on time as well. The Senior Director of Business Development is especially helpful accommodating and adapting to our changing needs. I found Sinclair staff to be very responsible and responsive and took our studies at heart. I would work with Sinclair anytime, and I highly recommend them to others.

Research Director

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