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Your staff has been a pleasure to work with and has always produced quality results for us and has went out of their way to help others in our group with strange queries and projects. I too look forward to projects in the future that will give us the opportunity to work together again.

Nonclinical and Bioanalytical Development Biopharmaceutical Company

Dear (Study Director) and the team,
Thank you very much for the effort you made. I really appreciate your flexibility and leadership to complete the tasks in such a tight timeline. The PK data looks great and promising for future development. Again, thank you.
Best regards,

Senior Director Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics, Biopharmaceutical Company

It was a pleasure to work with the team at SRC. (Study Director) was very attentive and willing to spend time explaining the various study procedures to us. He was very responsive and communicated updates in a timely manner. I appreciated all of his time and efforts to assist me in our studies.

Director, Regulatory Affairs, Biotechnology Company

The study directors and business administrators far exceed our expectations and are always a pleasure to work with. We very much appreciate the timely communications we receive from the SRC staff regarding issues that arise during the course of our in-life studies. The staff of study directors at SRC is always available to answer our questions, research topics and provide constant feedback to us. Can’t say enough of great things about the entire staff.

Research Associate, Big Pharma Company

Attention to detail and strong communication skills make all the difference. We are lucky to have you in the industry. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Safety and Efficacy Manager, Animal Health Company

…when animals are on study and giving everything to science my highest priority is to the well-being and best use of those animals. This is why I select Sinclair and why I enjoy working with you folks so much. The discipline that Guy Bouchard has created there which I can observe shows by his example and that of your study directors, veterinary, technical and professional support staff that putting the animal first best serves the needs of the client. I respect and very much appreciate this.

Toxicology Consultant, Sponsor’s Representative

We are consistently pleased with SRC in every respect. Their commitment to quality (people, facilities, and work) is outstanding. Thank you for your excellent work.

Manager, Big Pharma Animal Health

Dear (Study Director),
Thank you and your staff very much for the diligence in providing this report to (Company) in the STAT requirement! We truly do appreciate all your great effort!

Specialist, Testing Company

Dear (Study Director)
Thank you for the final report. It was also a pleasure to work with you again. In addition to the high level of skills in the in vivo studies, I would say that what I appreciated the most with Sinclair is the reactivity of the team. We worked on 2 studies together and both were set up and started in a very short amount of time, and everything went very smoothly. Sinclair is definitely a good partner to work with.
Best wishes,

Research Scientist, Global Biotechnology Company

Dear (Name),
Both the client and I appreciate (Study Director’s Name) keeping us informed as to the progress of the study. This has allowed the client to build confidence as well as know that Sinclair is staying on top of what for them is a significant event for their company. Have a great weekend!

Toxicologist, Consultant

As I have stated to many people many times, Sinclair did excellent work for the (Big-Pharma Company) Animal Health Preclinical group while I was there, and Sinclair became our lab of choice. Not surprisingly based on this experience, I tell the clients I work with that Sinclair is a great lab to conduct companion animal safety studies.

Consultant, International Scientific Consulting company.

Dear (Name),
Thank you to you and your staff for the work they have done for us on (compound). We are appreciative of your “can do” attitude, professionalism and willingness to accommodate our requests no matter the demands. All of your staff have been a pleasure to work with. Please express my appreciation to your team.
We are not quite done with animal studies yet – we will be doing additional work this year with our (compound) – I will advise when we are closer to needing your services. Thank you for your well wishes regarding the NDA – it is an exciting time!

VP, Development, Biotech Company

Hi (Name)
I am most grateful of your kind and rapid responses. Sinclair (you and your fellow personnel) are a pleasure to work with and we keep telling everyone how fast we are moving. Thanks again!

Director of Toxicology, Biotech Company

What I like about Sinclair is the excellent communication. It is consistent from Study Director to Study Director and they are always accessible. The Study Directors ask questions up front to gain a thorough understanding of the study design and of my expectations. I also like the organization of the study teams under the Study Director because it makes each project run smoothly. What I like best is that I get regular updates whether there is an issue or not, so I can go home on Friday and not worry about my study.

Director, Toxicology, Big Pharma company

Hello, all:
I echo everyone’s sentiments on having a very lovely visit. It was very comforting to see what a great facility you have there. (Study Director), hopefully in the next couple of days I will be sending you a protocol for another study. Thanks again, everyone!

Manager, Animal Health Company

Hi Sinclair,
It was such a pleasure meeting the Research team Thursday. All of these people were quite friendly and professional. Assisting on the submission of the SBIR grant was an interesting project and a wonderful way to meet people involved in different areas of preclinical research at Sinclair Research.

(Study Director) and (Scientist) were very helpful explaining nuances of the study we are planning together. It was obvious that the Sinclair Research community work well together as a team. We specifically appreciated the “can do” and “let’s get it done” approach the Business Development team exhibited in words and actions. The positivity and determination matched our own and we were completely delighted by the successful completion of this demanding enterprise. (Name) was a quick study, bright, engaging, and an overall exceptional person. (Name) was experienced, instructive, and amiable. (Name) and I enjoyed working with the entire team and we look forward to completing this project with Sinclair and conducting additional studies as well. We truly appreciate Sinclair Research for taking on this responsibility and we wish all of you great success.

Director, Development, Biotech

Thanks, (Study Director)! I always enjoy coming out to monitor studies, it is one of my favorite duties. I appreciate all Sinclair’s hospitality. Everytime I come out there is a new building! Thanks to all for hosting my visit.
All the Best,

Manager, Toxicology, Biotech

Thank you for the finalized report. It was nicely written and complete. And like (Name) said, all the in-life part went without any issue. Thus, I really appreciated working with you and I hope we will have other occasion in the future. Thank you again, and all the best.

Research Scientist, Pharmaceutical Company

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