MIXiii Biomed – 16th National Life Sciences & Technology Week

May 23-25, 2017
Tel Aviv, Israel

Aging is a central theme of the conference. However, in all discussed topics we will also include presentations addressing all patients’ populations, young and old. We will study and discuss diseases affecting the elderly population such as chronic diseases, cancer, neuro-degenerative diseases, and diabetes. As we look at the future of our healthcare system, we would like to address ways to diagnose and treat elderly patients by utilizing new methods and innovations in precision medicine, genetics, personal diagnosis, treatment and monitoring with the ultimate goal of being preventive, if and when possible. Digital health can play a major role in addressing these fields. In addition, issues of cyber security are raised in association with the use of these new technologies. And, as we think of aged individuals, we cannot but think of robotics, regenerative and cell therapies. All these and more will be presented and discussed as our healthcare systems have become open to address the issues of aging populations. –MIXiii Biomed Website

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