Sinclair Research Center is a privately owned biomedical research facility located in Central Missouri. Sinclair was formed in 1964 by the University of Missouri and originally named the Sinclair Comparative Medical Research Farm (SCMRF). Its primary function was to provide laboratory animal research support for the University’s Environmental Health Surveillance Center (EHSC) and the Environmental Trace Substance Research Center (ETSRC). These three entities collaborated to monitor for epidemiological evidences of environmental related illnesses (EHSC), analyzing samples to detect trace amounts of substances that could be related to illnesses (ETSRC), and the use of laboratory animal models to test the hypotheses (SCMRF). This environmental toxicology services concept was remarkably farsighted and it remains valid today.

Through the years, Sinclair’s role expanded and became a resource for a wide variety of human and animal health related research and became deeply involved in the development and use of animal models. The private sector quickly realized the unique resource of Sinclair and dedicated professionals privatized Sinclair Research Center on March 1st 1994 as a successful contract research organization (CRO) and animal production facility.

Sinclair is committed to efficiency, confidentiality, and rapid, accurate service. Our desire is to work closely with our clients to achieve long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

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