Sinclair Research offers specialty biomedical research services in a large range of species encompassing most categories of applied human and veterinary medicine. Preclinical research services and preclinical studies compose a significant portion of our repertoire. Our uniqueness includes our broad experience, the availability of multiple animal models, and the largest herds of miniature swine in the United States. We remain flexible and can tailor our efforts to almost any special procedure that is requested or designed. We strive to retain our customers through competitive cost, strong communication, timeliness, and responsive programs.

Partnering with Clients to Bring Safe & Effective Medical Therapies to Market to Improve Human & Animal Life.

Regulatory Compliance & Quality Assurance

AAALAC Accredited

Sinclair is fully GLP-compliant and our personnel have many years of GLP experience. Sinclair has an independent Quality Assurance Unit that audits the facility, protocols, in-life critical phases, raw data, and reports for GLP studies. Sinclair is inspected by the FDA on a regular basis.

Sinclair has a Strong Commitment to Animal Welfare

At Sinclair we are all strongly committed to animal welfare and we have a documented quality animal care program, including a ‘Code of Respect’ for all our animals. Our commitment to adhere to and exceed the highest ethical and scientific standards is demonstrated by our outstanding veterinary care program, our full compliance with the Animal Welfare Act, and our accreditation by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC International).

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