Research Staff

Sinclair Research has a friendly, experienced, and motivated multidisciplinary scientific, veterinary, and research staff who provide you with quality study execution, excellent communication, and timely reporting. Experienced study directors and principal investigators, aided by support staff, maintain full control over each individual study through vertical management. Complementing the research personnel are competent veterinary staff members who participate in all studies by conducting procedures, collecting samples, and maintaining animal health. Qualified laboratory animal personnel skilled in husbandry provide care for the animals. A full training program is in place and all personnel have current training records.

Sinclair boasts board-certified veterinarians, medical doctors, and PhD scientists ensuring the in-house skill and expertise are at the highest level possible. Sinclair also relies on a network of board-certified consulting veterinarians for more specialized disciplines: a cardiologist offers on-site echocardiography consulting, an ophthalmologist examines the eyes of animals on regulatory GLP studies, and pathologists conduct the necropsies. Additionally, we have experienced clinical pathology staff and GLP clinical pathology services on-site. Contract histopathology services are also utilized as required.

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