Sinclair Research provides GLP-compliant general and specialized multi-species preclinical toxicology (safety assessment) in our state-of-the-art facility near Columbia, Missouri.

Toxicology Services

  • Non-GLP (discovery) and GLP studies
    • Pilot studies
    • Acute dose, single dose, and maximum tolerated dose (MTD)
    • Dose range finding (DRF)
    • Sub-chronic and chronic toxicity, with recovery phases
    • 14-day and 28-day repeat dose
    • Systemic toxicology
    • Specialty toxicology, including but not limited to: ocular, dermal and subcutaneous, bone, juvenile, and phototoxicity
  • Miniature swine specialty studies
    • Repeat-dose dermal irritation and dermal toxicology
    • Phototoxicity
    • Reproductive toxicology (Segments l & ll)
  • Other studies
    • Target animal safety (TAS) studies
    • FDA Redbook feeding trials
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