Animal research plays a significant role in medical advancements, providing scientific understanding and product confidence essential to success. Sinclair Research exists to provide world-class regulatory and non-regulatory preclinical animal studies and services to human and animal drug development industry in many areas including pharmacology, toxicology, and metabolism using a wide variety of research animal models. While we are providing the highest level of support possible to each and every client, we also ensure uncompromising quality care for all our animals. In doing so, we continue to help bring medical advancements to humans and animals, contributing to the hope of a better quality of life for ourselves, our loved ones, and our local and global communities.

A Unique Research Company

Sinclair Research Center based near Columbia, Missouri is a contract research organization (CRO) with unparalleled specialized expertise in the efficacy component of preclinical drug assessment. We are also skilled in studies with complex diseases such as metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Our team is well-connected with board-certified specialists and possesses an insightful historical perspective into the field of animal models, thus we are able to provide knowledgeable guidance to sponsors to ensure the design of a successful protocol and its implementation. This includes the selection of appropriate models with respect to the mechanism of action of drug candidates. Sinclair also offers generic and specialized toxicology in drugs, biocompatibility for devices, and pharmacokinetics, but we distinguish ourselves with specific research animal models, such as metabolic diseases, inflammation, orthopedic, dermal, and wound healing models.

Providing Extraordinary Service, Exceeding Expectations, Building Lasting Relationships

Our Company Standards

  • Cost competitiveness
  • Garner return business
  • Flexibility
  • Deep expertise
  • Superlative communication
  • Maintain backup sources of electrical power, water supply, and electronic data
  • Minimize study error rate and avoid critical errors
  • Focus on excellence
  • Exceed regulatory requirements
  • Strive for efficient study initiation and expedited turn-around
  • Maintain reserve capacity, trained staff, equipment, and animals to take advantage of immediate opportunities
  • Collaborate with clients to greatest extent possible

Our Company Goals

  • Recognize limits of expertise and use consultants as required
  • Expand staff education levels and offer comprehensive in-house training
  • Systematic monitoring for early detection of potential problems
  • Protect client intellectual property
  • Practice good business principles
  • Provide a safe environment for staff, animals, and visitors
  • ‘Continuous quality improvement’: Consider new ideas on regular basis to identify potential sources of improvement
  • Treat all clients with dignity and respect
  • Maintain accredited and certified facilities and animal care programs
  • Utilize board-certified specialists
  • Meet new regulatory standards such as Standard for Exchange of Nonclinical Data (SEND) guidelines
  • Maximize use of resources

Flexibility to Meet Client Needs

We know that each new compound or medical device is unique; therefore we do not restrict each preclinical study program to standardized study outlines. We first listen closely to clients’ needs and gain a thorough understanding of program objectives, then apply our broad knowledge base, experience, research capabilities, and innovative solutions to create a study approach that will meet those objectives in a time and cost-efficient manner. We flex and mold ourselves around our client’s needs to make each individual project a success.

This focus on flexibility, service, and commitment to our clients’ success has resulted in a large base of loyal clients who entrust us with their new, unique projects. We regularly receive excellent scores and unsolicited praise from our clients, auditors, and regulatory agencies, including the testimonials shown on this website.

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